Product Spec

Model SKD-BC32HL-100(V3.0)
Input Voltage AC 100~240V 50/60HZ
Output Voltage DC 32V / 24V 1.875A
Power Consumption 60W
Count 1~99
Count method Count-up/Count-down
Work with Sensor ON/OFF
GATE Sensor ON(2 Sensors) / OFF(1 Sensor)
Slow-start time adjustable 0~9.9 seconds
Slow-Start speed adjustable L0 : 100%, 35%~85% L1~L9 Rated speed
Running Time Limit-LO 0.00~9.99 seconds
Running Time Limit-HI 0.0~9.9 seconds
Reminder Mode ON/OF/FF/EF with LED and buzzer
External inputs Forward / Reverse / Disable / Confirm / Sensor / Clear
External outputs ON /OFF
Screwdriver Control HI / LO : Slow-Start
Outside Dimensions 200X130X100(mm)
Weight(g) 1.53
Accessories Power cordX1 KeyX2
Applicable Models SKD-BN200(Series) SKD-BN500(Series) SKD-BN7000(Series)

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