SKD-5000 Series

  • New technology, ergonomic two-color housings, high temperature-resistant, vibration-resistant, slip-resistant, friendly holder, free form fatigue under long-time using and high working efficiency.
  • Low-voltage automatic clutch electric screwdrivers with power controllers, can keep long-time operation, high stability, no influence by fluctuated voltage and high efficiency.
  • High tech DC motor with parts made in JAPAN. Fast start with low electric current. Stable torque within accuracy±3%
  • 0-8 stepless torque adjustment, rotation speed selected by switches Hi & Lo.
  • Suitable for high-tech PC, laptop, game cube, etc. Torque fixing ring(KC-6C) can be set to fix torque.
  • There are four kinds of bit holder –A, B, C, D. Any screw, socket and nut can be used.
  • SKD-5200L Trigger series meet UL, CE approval and ESD is offered for the needs of customer.


Model SKD-5200L SKD-5200P SKD-5300L SKD-5300P SKD-5300LF SKD-5300PF
Input Voltage DC24V or DC32V DC32V
Power Consumption 48W
Torque ( 1~12 2~12 3~16 1~8 2~8
( 0.89~10.44 1.77~10.44 2.57~13.89 0.89~6.9 1.77~6.9
(N.m) 0.1~1.18 0.2~1.18 0.29~1.57 0.1~0.78 0.2~0.78
Repeatable Torque Accuracy(%) ±3%
Torque Adjustment Stepless
Free Speed (r.p.m) HI 1000 1000 2000
LO 700 700
Screw Size Dia (mm) Machine Screw 1.6~3.0 1.6~3.0 1.6~3.0
Tapping Screw 1.6~2.6 2.3~3.0 1.6~2.6
Weight(g) 480
Length(mm) 230
ESD(Anti-Static)                                  V(With Black housing)
Power Controller SKP-32HL-60W
Bit Type

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