Smart Industrial Torque Display

In the era of Industry 4.0, assembly date collection and integration is becoming a must. In order to meet market demands, Kilews’s latest invention KL-CTDS is able to display tightening torque, output tightening torque, output tightening status, storage tightening torque and together with error proof functions. KL-CTDS is also able to prevent errors from tightening torque, tightening number of threads, and tightening time. With various I/O, KL-CTDS can be connected to your PLC and integrated with your automation equipment and output assembly status instantly to your server or private could by Ethernet or WIFI for traceability.


Input voltage DC32V/40V
I/O Output voltage DC24V 50mA/ 12V 100mA
Count 1-99
Count method Count-up/ count-down
Continued induction switch (sensor) ON/OFF
Sensor switch mode ON (2 sensors)/ OFF (1 sensor)
Slow start setting time 0~9.9 seconds
Slow start speed setting L0:100%, 10%~90% L1~L9 Rated speed
Dedection stop time 0.00~9.99 seconds
Dedection torque value 0.0~550.0 kgf.cm
Dedection screw thread number 0.0~999.9
External connection input Forwarder/ reverse/ disable/ confirm
External connection output OK/ NG/ OK ALL/ STOP
Serial interface RS-232x2
Assembly management KL-DAS/ KL-AMS
External dimensions 155x120x60 (mm)
Weight (g) 622.5g
Accessories Power cablex1/ Keyx2
Applicable models SKD-BNK200/500/800/900 series
SKD-RBNK series
SKD-TBNK series

Product Features

  • 4 digits and 7 segment of torque display
  • 16x2 LCM display settings
  • Password and key control to avoid operator adjusting settings
  • Counting preference set up (count up and count down)
  • Slow start time 0.0-9.9sec
  • Slow start speed (10%~90%, L1~L9)
  • Workpiece in place sensor (on/off)
  • Set up fastening thread range
  • I/O signal (optcoupler)
  • RS-232 interface for data output, storage and use with barcode scanner
  • 99 data storage
  • Set up fastening time range
  • Set up fastening torque range
  • Error code
  • Auto learning
  • Change torque unit
  • Offset setting
  • External start
  • External reverse
  • External disable tool
  • External confirm

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