With its NUTRUNNER system, ESTIC CORPORATION leads the industries in the field of design, production and maintenance of energy-saving auto-assembly machines.

It is not easy for a manufacturer to keep up with an industry that is constantly evolving. As technologies advance, manufacturer needs to develop advanced technologies to meet industry requirements.

Estic Handheld Nutrunner Handy2000Lite is developed with sophisticated electronics control and mechanical, software technologies, and manufactured under high level quality control. Based on the concepts required by users such as fastening accuracy, environment friendliness, handheld nutrunner as accurate as fixtured nutrunner is now available with minimized reaction force. Every estic tool’s performance is tested with the equipment complied with ISO5393 and fastening accuracy +-3% or below at 3 sigma X-bar (on direct mode) is received. The manufacturing of estic tools is in accordance of ISO9001. Power consumption is 1/20 compared to conventional pneumatic tools with no oil mist. Reaction force is remarkably reduced with patented pulse drive technology. Ergonomics design is adopted to reduce user's workload also Tracer Arm and Reaction Arm are available for Poka yoke and assisting work.

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