Product Features

A. Wifi transmission

B. Prevent missing screw

C. Distance control

D. Tightening data storage

E. Multi driver control

F. Bar Code Reader



IO interface KL-WSCBSN
BT Bluetooth communication Max 10 M, 1 to 1 with screwdriver
WiFi communication Max 50 M, 20 to 1 with AMS system
RS-232C communication Max 10 M, 1 to 1 with Bar Code Reader
Start signal output

Max 2M, 0V/5V                                        Signal with PLC
Revese signal output
Brake signal output
OK signal output
NG signal output
OKALL signal output
External start signal input
External reverse signal input
External DISABLE signal input
External CONFIRM signal input
External Dimension 178*115*30mm (L*W*H)

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