• Adopting Japanese high performance Li-ion (Li-Mn) battery.
  • Built in protection device to prevent battery overcharge and over discharge.
  • The latch design increases intensity and convenience when assembling or dismantling the rechargeable battery form the cordless screwdriver.
  • Fully charged voltage: 21V, low-voltage protection: 13.5V, over temperature protection (discharge): 72℃.
  • Battery ID identification design, which only allows original charge station to recharge the battery to secure battery safety and extend battery lifetime.


Product Spec

Battery Model SKC-LB1820 SKC-LB1840 SKC-LB1820B / LB1820C SKC-LB1025S
Voltage 18V 10.8V
Capacity 1950mA/hr 3900mA/hr 2000mA/hr 2500mA/hr
Rated voltage 18V 10.8V
Power 35Wh 70Wh 36Wh 25Wh
Cells Permutation 5 series 1 parallel 5 series 2 parallel 5 series 1 parallel  
Weight 430g 720g 430g 200g
Dimensions(mm) 119*90*40 119*90*59 92*75*63 89*41*51
Certification CE, ETL
Un38.3 Inspection report YES

Battery charging time reference

Battery Wodel / Capacity SKC-P120W SKC-P80W SKC-80W SKC-P80W-D
SKC-LB1820(1950mA/hr) 40 min 40 min 40 min
SKC-LB1840(3900mA/hr) 60 min 80 min 80 min
SKC-LB1820B(2000mA/hr) 40 min

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