SKD-BN7000 Series

  • Brushless feature is applicable in a clean-room environment. The output of torque is highly stable. It is not only an easy-operate equipment but also be operated continuously for a long period.
  • One LED on the housing is to remind the operators that the screwdriver is connecting to the power controller.
  • Besides, it is a non-carbon, low-noise equipment, and low voltage.
  • The best choice when composing, including home appliances, LED/LCD panels and etc.
  • CE and ETL are optional


Model SKD-BN7022LF/PF SKD-BN7030L/P
Input Voltage DC24V/DC32V
Power Consumption 55W
Torque ( 5~22 10~30
( 4.33~19.12 8.67~26.02
(N.m) 0.49~2.16 0.98~2.94
Repeatable Torque Accuracy(%) ±3%
Torque Adjustment StepLess
Free Speed (r.p.m) HI 2000 1200
LO 900
Screw Size Dia (mm) Machine Screw 2.6~4.0 2.6~4.0
Tapping Screw 2.6~3.5 2.6~3.5
Weight(g) 790
Length(mm) 290
ESD(Anti-Static)                                  V(With Black housing)
Power Controller SKP-BE32HL(6P)
Bit Type

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