KILEWSpower controllers are a kind of intelligence power controller. Input 100V-240V and 50/60 HZ frequency by an AC power source is allowed. Two kinds of output voltage levels, 24, 32, and 40 VDC, are available. A power switch with an LED indicator and a Hi-Low switch is available for control.

Kilews Controller

AC to DC conversion –

The input supply for the Microntech KILEWS controller is an AC supply of 220/110V; the first step to converting AC to DC is step down this AC voltage to the required voltage of 24, 32, or 40VAC. This process of covert AC supply to DC supply is known as rectification. It’s an electronic device that converts an AC supply to a DC supply; this single-phase rectifier circuit has a combination of diodes or SCR that is connected with the secondary winding of the transformer. The KILEWS controller uses a full-controlled rectifier with one voltage regulating IC and filters for a constant and pure DC output. The AC supply is a sinusoidal wave that goes positive, negative, and zero, and the DC supply is a straight line that goes always positive. The first step in the AC to DC conversion process is to cut the negative portion of the AC supply and take in the positive side. The second step is to regulate and filter this supply.

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