How To Use Electric Screw Driver


Electric Screwdriver is becoming one of the most common tools used in assembly lines all over the world. Over the years, several advancements have been brought in the technology of these tools, which has in turn helped in fulfillment of different job requirements in different assembly lines. Automatic electric screwdrivers are fitted with a standard shutoff mechanism that controls the operation of the tool. When the trigger is not engaged, the tool remains idle, but once the trigger is squeezed or "turned on," the tool comes to life and performs its specified task and shuts off at pre-specified torque values. At the low end of the spectrum is the low torque controlled screwdriver and the slip clutch screwdriver.

Kilews has moved a step further from other Cordless Electric Screwdriver manufacturers in the world by making more advanced cordless electric screwdrivers that aids in the difficult task of driving screws into solid wood that necessitate a little further discussion. The complex physical requirements of such a task have necessitated the development of a highly-evolved modern tool with some very new and innovative features.(Kilews SKD-PTS series)

Microntech is leading provider of Electric Screwdrivers (Kilews) in India.