How KILEWS high speed tool help in takt time of assembly line

Takt time - The calculation for takt time is:

Available Minutes for Production / Required Units of Production = Takt Time

This is exactly right, but people tend to get confused on what constitutes “available time.” The “pure” definition is typically to require the entire shift time(s) and subtract breaks, meetings, and other administrative non-working time. Takt time is an expression of your customer demand normalized and leveled over the time you select to supply, within the production line total production or rate of production during a given time is called the takt time.

The calculation for takt time

KILEWS high speed electric screwdriver –

If you are interested in implementation of industrial-grade, brushless electric screwdrivers with smart tightening technology, KILEWS brushless, high-precision, High performance, Brushless, Electric Screwdriver with high durability is just perfect for you!

SKD-RBK series (high speed screwdrivers) is Suitable for assembling large-sized work pieces in semi-automatic or full automatic production line. Specially, it is the most suitable for applications like automotive industrial parts assembly, electricity, telecommunications, large appliances and medical equipment assembly. These high speed models with twice the speed of Pneumatic screwdrivers, Noise free and ergonomic operation, OK/NG signals available and line integration are often done. Error detection like cross thread, double hit, bolt stuck, burr on application etc. possible. KILEWS screwdrivers are highly mobility, easy to work, stable torque, high efficiency. Motor are often free from fatigue under long-working hours, with high RPM and error detection system very helpful to match the takt time of production line

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