6 Pin Cable of MICRONTECH Kilews electric screwdriver

6 pin cable of Kilews electric screwdriver

Microntech KILEWS developed industrial brushless electric screwdriver series. KILEWS screwdrivers are compact, light weight, ergonomically designed, and easy to use, less noise, environment friendly with dust free operation. KILEWS electric screwdriver ensures product quality, cost savings and a discount in overall failures.

KILEWS brushless electric screwdrivers are use power controller for DC supply, 6pin tool cable is use to connect the power controller or torque display unit. There are two types of tool cable used with KILEWS electric screwdriver (as shown below), one is simple cable used with normal power controller to take DC output voltage from power controller to electric screwdriver, and second tool cable is anti-interference cable, this cable is used with torque display unit (KL-CTDS) for signal transmission between display unit and main PCB (MCU IC) of the screwdriver.

Different signals in 6 pin of tool cable –

As shown in above diagram there are 6 wires with different colours is present in tool cable.

  • RED & Black wire - First wire is red wire and fourth black these wires are used for DC supply positive and negative, in red wire DC+V supply travel and in black wire DC-V.
  • White wire - Second wire is white wire this wire is use to send the confirmation signal to check the right combination of controller output DC voltage and tool input voltage, this signal send from tool to protection PCB of the controller then controller will supply the DC voltage to the tool.
  • Yellow wire- Third wire is yellow wire and this wire use to send sensor signal from tool unit to controller unit, these signal are- shut-off signal, communication error etc.
  • Blue wire- fifth wire is blue wire; this wire is use to send the all data like-torque, OK, NG, and torque value.
  • Green wire- sixth wire is green wire; this wire is use for grounding.
Different signals in 6 pin of tool cable

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