Why use Microntech Impact sockets instead of commercial hand sockets with YOKOTA pulse tool

Sockets are the most important part of any fastening process and socket even decide the life of tool , decide the accuracy of tool , decide the noise level and vibration of tool . Use of wrong socket may damage the tool anvil permanently . We have various torqueing tools in our market , some of them are hand tools and some of them are electric , Pneumatic or DC . So hand tool are torque wrenches and electric tool may be clutch type , Pneumatic may be Impact , Impulse etc . We use these automatic tools to increase our process efficiency and to reduce the takt time of application . But we never think about the sockets using with tools .

YOKOTA pulse tool
high quality Impact sockets

We use hand sockets with Yokota Pulse tool which has very high RPM , hand sockets only made for hand tools because material of hand sockets are not of good quality , hardness of hand sockets are not good , it cannot sustain the high RPM of Yokota’s Pulse tool . That socket may also damage the anvil of tool , so now what type of sockets we need to use with these high RPM and automatic tools , we have to use Impact sockets with them which is of very good material and have high hardness , they can bear the high RPM and gives long life with these tools .

Microntech is the maker of high quality Impact sockets . Microntech has the 30 years of experience in assembly solution , they are complete assembly solution provider from long time in market . The goal of Microntech is to give customer a Reliable & Quality product & on time service . They are well known for their work in Indian market . Microntech is also the channel partner of some of the big DC tool brands like ESTIC , YOKOTA etc . So they also make Impact sockets with their high experience, torque is not the issue, they can make Sockets for any torque or any size. For any requirement mail at sales@microntechgroup.com or visit Microntech’s website www.microntechgroup.com .