VIN function in Microntech Estic Handy Nutrunner? What are its uses?

VIN Function Estic Handy nutrunner

Manufacturers today want all the tightening data of each application for safety purposes. Although Microntech can save 33000 Records of tightening in Microntech Estic DC Nutrunner controller but we cannot trace that which data is saved for a particular application. So, to identify this we use barcode readers or QR code readers in our process and tightening data save with the reference number of these barcodes.

Estic DC Nutrunner

Like first we scan the barcode then tool enables and do fastening according to number of counts and then all fastening data save with the barcode scan number , does not matter that what was the result of fastening , it save both OK and NG data with barcode number and after complete tightening, tool disables by itself .

Estic handy nutrunner

We can also change the workgroup according to barcode number and save the data application wise. In Microntech Estic Handy Controller there is a VIN function for this feature where we assign the numbers of barcode, we can assign 100 VIN numbers in Estic Handy Controller and also assign the particular program number or Job number or Multi channel number to a particular VIN number. We add the digits of barcode in VIN number. First, we have to select the method of channel selection in SYSTEM PARAMETER SETTING means how we select the channel, so always choose ID SELECT when use barcode and select the number of barcodes which is stable in barcode digits which is called IDENTIFIERS by make them use. We can choose 25 characters in Microntech Estic Handy Nutrunner.

Data application
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For example, in the case of code “ESTICA123456,” the first, the second, and the fifth to eighth characters from the beginning are used, and “ESCA12” code is used as the example above shows.

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