Torque Testers

Most common applications for torque testing are in fastening and specially with products with rotating parts such as motors, engines or transmissions. By checking and analysing the torque characteristics in such applications it is possible to accurately determine not only the quality of the part or process, but also the root cause of a different types of defects that happen on assembly lines.

Torque testing can be done dynamically by inserting a torque transducer between the tool applying the force and the item against which the torque is being applied. There are two different approaches to torque measurement: residual and in-line. Residual torque can be checked with tools like Torque Wrenches etc. But there is one more way of testing how good the tool is and check its torque, this way is called static torque measurement.

Torque testers also help in doing statistical analysis of quality of tightening taking place. Quality department usually record the data from torque testers and keep in their records for data analysis and calculating Cp Cpk Cm Cmk. Which in turn helps them in improving quality of fastening on their assembly lines and reducing costs for problems occurring on production unit after coming out from a process.

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