Poka Yoke Means

Poka Yoke Systems

Poko yoke system: Error reduction

Poka Yoke system has been developed by an engineer names Shigeo Shingo. It is a quality management concept which restricts human error in the manufacturing line. Poka Yoke means " to reduce errors"

The main aim is to get minimal defects and achieve perfection. The goal of poke yoke is to eliminate defective products and is part of Shingo's Zero Control system. Poka Yoke's implementation depends on what people think they can do to minimize errors in workplace. Poka yoke system can be used by using the right assembly tools to restrict mistakes and errors

Poka yoke tooling

Poka yoke tooling allows the assembly tools process to be fully controlled. The assembly process can be usedwith tools and sensors with which an assembly cell can be created that anyone can be trained to work on in a short time with no use of any short cuts

Poka Yoke devices

Poka Yoke devices can be used by anyone as it requires the right poka yoke system. Poka yoke device should consist

1. Easy to install

2. Low in cost

3. Can be used by all workers

4. Give quick feedback or prevention

How is error proofing done?

Computerization and automation can get error proofing. The approach can be expensive and not practical. Poka yoke system reduces defects through simple and low cost ways. A good poka yoke system would require no attention from the operator as human errors stem from people who are distracted. Examples – A flip cover on the button which would not allow the button to be pressed, plugs which would allow it to be used in the correct plug outlets

Poka yoke system eliminates spills and losses, detects the mistakes allowing correction before it becomes a problem or after the problem has occurred