Estic has a high reputation around the world for its highly durable and reliable products . Estic only manufactures the DC tools that are categorized in handheld & fixtured . These tools are mainly used for critical processes on an assembly line that need high accuracy. The pokayoke process means the process without any lack or mistakes. The process in which there is no chance to do something unwanted or wrong , where high accuracy is required , complete integration is required with PLC or any other system , no Ng part should go without OK tightening , automatically saves the data with reference to bar code . These are some main points to making a process called "process with complete pokayoke."



Now sometimes some tightenings are very critical . They have a soft joint or a joint with highly compressible material and many joints . Like if we talk about the "oil cooler" tightening in the engine assembly , they have approx. 16 joints and all the joints are soft . Then if you tight that oil cooler without any sequencing, like if you tight all the eight bolts on the right side first, then the left side part will come upside & then if you tight left side bolts, there is a chance that some bolts may break or if they do not brake, then when the part goes on the market , there is definitely a chance that left side bolts will open because when they came up during fastening they needed more torque to settle completely , but DC nutrunner applied the torque which they were set . So there is a big mistake . If that joint was tightened through a sequencing pattern, then we can say that the part is tight through complete pokayoke . There is no chance to open the bolt or break the bolt . The operator can also perform the sequencing, but you can’t trust the operator .



Microntech Estic has the solution for this types of critical processes called MICRONTECH ESTIC TRACER ARM . Tracer arm is for do the fastening in right way or in right sequence . We can program the sequence according to need , then connect it with the DC tool controller for make it smart . Tool will only enable when you take the tool on right bolt , so Estic DC tool with Estic tracer arm is best possible way to do complete pokayoke & 100% mistaken free process. It also helps to absorb the complete reaction of tool , so they have many advantages . We do not have to worry about the untightened bolts , fastening order and position again .



Now we know that arms covers very much space , so sometime we are not able to procure a arm because of space issue . All the arms opens horizontally which covers space . So now Microntech Estic has the solution for this , they have the Vertical type of Tracer arm , this arm has the Offset type of mounting option which are very useful in narrow installation areas and has a Rotary type of grip which includes start switch with 360 degree rotation mechanism through this fastening can be done very comfortably without stressing the wrist . This arm is available upto 55Nm.

Estic tracer arm

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