Kilews Cordless Tools

kilews screw feeder Microntech is channel partner of Kilews in India. Kilews is regarded as the most premier manufacturer of clutch technology tools. Kilews Cordless Tools have been made with same technology as Kilews Electric Screwdrivers (which have been very successful all over the world). Kilews Cordless Tools come in various categories depending on usage and function requirement. Many manufacturers rely on Microntech to provide value added assembly solutions for their requirements, and with Kilews cordless tools, all cordless screwing application can be covered. Kilews provides torque range way above other manufacturers and has the most unique products in this field.

Automatic Shut- Off Industrial Cordless Brushless Power Torque Screwdrivers Series
High performance brushless motor and lithium-ion battery are adopted for all Kilews cordless shut off screwdrivers for industrial purpose. There are 2 methods to adjust torque, which are internal adjustment and external adjustment. Internal adjustment models are SKC-PTA-220/150/120/80/50 & SKC-PTA-L300/600 torque range from 1 – 60 N.m. Speed range from 350 – 2100 r.p.m. External adjustment models are SKC-PTA-B120/90/60F/50F/60/35/35F/, torque range from 1.5 – 12 N.m. Speed range from 800 – 2000 r.p.m.

kilews cordless tools kilews cordless tools Cordless tool with counter (SKC-PTA BE-120/90/50F) – Display screw tightening status OK/NG/OK ALL & screw count, screw list by LED &LCD, Torque range from 2-12 N.m.

Semi-Automatic Screwdriver - There are 3 models, SKC-PTS-120, SKC-PTS-80, SKC-PTS-50, torque range from 2 –12N.m. Speed range from 350 – 2200 r.p.m.

kilews cordless tools Multi- Step Impact Screwdriver – This series is used for applications where impact mechanism is needed but accuracy is also important. There are 2 models in this series SKC-PTM50 and SKC-PTM100, Torque Range as 5N.m~50N.m & 20N.m~100N.m respectively. Remote control setting, Screw counting function, Multi-steps torque adjustment (Force/Impacts), Error Detectable of cross threaded/Stripped are possible.

Microntech is the channel partner of KILEWS tools in India, which gives customers quality and accuracy with most durable and efficient assembly solutions. Microntech has presence all over India and is a preferred supplier for many manufacturers in India. To know more about assembly solutions provided by Microntech please visit our website or you can contact your nearest Microntech branch to schedule a demo or a visit for any issues you are facing on your assembly line.