How does degree of Rotation results in different resultant Torque on Different Join?

Joints plays very important role in fastening . The nature of joint decide through their tightening material like material of bolt material of nut or washer type , rubber gasket etc . Joints are of various types , like Hard Joint , Soft Joint etc . Hard joint are those which do not contain any washer , rubber gasket and tightening in MS or there is no high compression force needed . Soft Joint are those which includes rubber gasket , spring washers and tightening in Aluminium or in Plastic etc . Like Axle tightening of a truck is also a Soft joint , although we know that axle application do not include any washer , rubber or plastic part inside it , but that application is so heavy , so tool need great power to settle down the application and all the joints of that application behaves differently because of weight of application .

Rotation results in different resultant Torque

Now Degree of rotation of tool also various according to joint . Like in hard joint a small degree rotation can give great torque while in soft joint big rotation sometime may not eligible to give desired torque because soft joint has soft material inside it like washer , rubber , plastic etc . so that material always try to regain its lost position and shape , it result reduction in torque , so we need more degree of rotation in soft joint compare to hard joint . We always face torque reduction in soft joints in end when we check it through torque wrench so soft material is main cause of that problem so what we need is to rotate it more to get desired torque but make sure do not rotate it till its brakeaway point.

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