Electric Screwdriver Tool

Clutch Screwdrivers offer great benefits to manufacturers with their clutch technology, which offers very good repeatability with high quality tightening at an affordable cost. Clutch screwdrivers are an upgrade from Impact Screwdrivers which offered higher speed but very low accuracy. Clutch Screwdrivers come in two different major categories based on their power source, pneumatic and electric. Manufacturers have always preferred pneumatic screwdrivers over electric screwdrivers because of their ability to operate efficiently on high production lines, whereas electric screwdrivers always faced issue of motor heat on high production lines. But with the improvisation of new DC brushless motors for electric screwdrivers, now even electric screwdrivers have ability to generate high production levels without getting heated up.

Electric screwdriver provided by Microntech have ability to work on most demanding of application and give very high repeatability (close to 3%). The torque levels of Kilews Electric Screwdriver is upto 50Nm with torque display function and data transfer facility also available. For customer needs of integrating tools with their production lines and storing data for future reference Kilews Electric Screwdrivers provides multiple options in form of digital I/O’s, RS-232 data outputs etc.

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