What is a compressor? How does it generates compressed air?

A compressor is a device which is use to convert power into a stored potential energy in term of pressurized air by using electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine. Air compressor force the air into a storage tank and when the storage becomes full, the air compressor shutoff.

  • In a compressor, there are two main part i.e. a compressor and an electric motor.
  • The air compressed by using various mechanisms like piston, rotating impeller, or vane which depend on the type of compressor that you are using.
  • For generating power, electric motor is used.
  • It is the process in which the atmospheric air is compressed as per requirement which is drawn in through intake valve, more and more air is pulled to the maximum limit of the storage tank by using piston, impeller or vane. Since the amount of the pressure is increased the volume is reduced and pressure is increased automatically. In simpler terms, free or atmospheric air is compressed after reducing its volume and at the same time, increasing its pressure.

These compressed air is widely used in the automobile industries for running various types of machines and tools. Pneumatic tool works on the principal of compressed air, which rotates the motor of the tool and generate the power. Compressed air is kept in the storage tank must be the pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure. Compressed air is be used in the various tool like Yokota pneumatic system wrench, Yokota pulse wrenches, Impact wrenches, Ratchet wrenches, sander, grinders and etc. These types of tool are widely used in the automobile industries and also be used in that kind of industries where assembly of application can be done. Basically this type of tool needed air pressure of about 4 to 6bar. Tools delivers the torque according to the air pressure, higher the pressure tool will deliver the maximum strength. The various types of pneumatic tools are: -

Yokota pneumatic system wrench

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