Pneumatic Tools India

Microntech is a premier supplier in Pneumatic Assembly Solutions. With experience of over 3 decades Microntech has an experienced team that can provide the most value added solution to your most critical of needs. Microntech provide Yokota Japan Pneumatic tools which is considered as the most reliable brand all over the world. Their Pulse tool are considered best in industry with following benefits:

  • Reduction in maintenance cost (Increase in durability)
  • High motor efficiency
  • Less oil mist
  • 50% less wearing in parts compared to others
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Efficient design that delivers most balanced torque

Yokots brand also provide Pneumatic system wrenches which are again the most preferred product for transducerized pulse tightening in the world. Microntech’s Yokota System Wrench TKa series was developed by the concept to give “More Ecology” aiming at the reduction of energy cost and oil mist for the global environment in the future.

In addition, the reduction in size and weight has been achieved compared to other products and tool durability has been improved to a great extent in response to a high demand from the customers. The transducer of this tool is of highest specification considering it gives high accuracy at 10 times the RPM of a conventional DC Nutrunner.

Yokota brand provide various types of Pneumatic Tools like Hog Ringers, Dowel Pin pullers, Impact Wrenches, Ratchet Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Tip Dressers, Battery Tools, Pneumatic Transdcuerized tools, Pulse tools etc.

If you want to improve quality of your tightening while maintain high speed production, please contact Microntech for a trial today. You will be amazed by the value provided by Yokota products. You can reach Microntech by mailing your requirement at or by visiting Our nearest Micorntech branch will get in touch with you and provide you with a solution suiting your requirement.