yokota system wrenches

Yokota Pneumatic System Wrench

Yokota Pneumatic System Wrench is torque controller tightening system with highly accurate torque output. With this system an assembly line can get low tact time for their assembly process and at the same time maintain the joint tightening quality. Yokota Air System Wrenches come in two different series, TKA series and YEX series.

TKA Wrenches

This variant of Yokota System Wrenches was developed keeping future in mind and therefore has very low energy cost and oil mist. Also the size and weight of this second generation tool of Yokota Pneumatic System Wrenches is greatly reduced from first generation.

YEX Wrenches

YEX series is the most widely used tool owing to its wide torque range. YEX Wrenches are powerful, durable, highly accurate and has no reaction. YEX series comes in straight and pistol orientations to suit different application needs.