Why click Wrench should not used after ESTIC DC nutrunner tightening

As we know that DC nutrunners are very accurate like Estic DC nutrunner has ±3% of accuracy , it is high precise , durable and can adjust itself by joint type . We use this high cost DC nutrunners to improve our process and to get high “Quality” in process . Estic DC nutrunners gives complete pokayoke process means complete error proof process . When we use impact tools , pulse tools in our process then we use click wrenches to assure that tightening is happen accurately or not . But after tightening with Estic DC nutrunner we do not have need to use a click wrench to assure that tightening is happen accurately or not because Estic DC nutrunner contain high precise “Strain Guage Transducer” which gives high accuracy during tightening , it can adjust itself in changed conditions also .

Estic DC Nutrunner
Estic DC nutrunner tightening

We can totally trust the Estic DC nutrunner tightening , and if we use click type torque wrench after tighten by Estic then there is a chance that torque will go above from Max limit if Max limit is very close to target . It is true that click wrench clicks when it achieves desire torque but this is also true that we cannot stop our hand during rotating the click wrench and somewhere we put extra efforts and torque goes above from target torque but we think that this tightening is Ok but we do not know that we have made it extra from target because we cannot stop our hand accurately while moving it . This is a human error in operating process of Click wrench . So never use click wrench after tightening happen with a Estic DC nutrunner . We can use click wrench when tightening is happening with a impact tool because impact tool accuracy is ±30-40% so their max value also should be broad.

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